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J&P Investments, s.r.o. is a Slovak company dealing with the development and production of reinforcements made of composite materials under the name FiberoX. We offer a versatile, innovative reinforcement system that can be used in the construction, agriculture and military industries.

During the Industrial Revolution, steel was successfully introduced into the history of construction as a technical construction material. Over time, however, people have increasingly revealed and are still revealing the disadvantages of this material, such as its low corrosion resistance and the resulting limited longevity.

This forced FiberoX engineers to look for alternative materials that would achieve the properties of a quality reinforcement. And it is precisely thanks to this long and very intensive development accompanied by certification tests that today, FiberoX is bringing to the market an innovative (EU Certified (SK TP - 19/0035)  GFRP composites) epoxy resin-based reinforcement system, reinforced with glass fibres and meeting strict requirements for durability, long life, efficiency and reasonable costs. Thanks to its highly positive physical properties, FiberoX composite materials are quickly becoming the most appropriate solution today. Let us introduce you to this innovative product and share with you all of its benefits and applications so that we can help the construction industry move out from under the shadow of steel’s past.



Its perfect composition prevents the carbonisation of concrete from causing any damage to the reinforcement. Thus it also minimises maintenance costs.


It requires less concrete cover, which reduces construction costs.



The composite reinforcement does not conduct an electric current and thus no electromagnetic field is generated, meaning the construction is non-interfering when it comes to sensitive devices and electronics.


There are no induction currents heating up the reinforcement or the structure of the building.



FiberoX 4 mm

Composite material, price is quoted per running metre.

0.237 € without VAT

FiberoX 6 mm

Composite material, price is quoted per running metre.

0.282 € without VAT

FiberoX 8 mm

Composite material, price is quoted per running metre.

0.42 € without VAT

FiberoX 10 mm

Composite material, price is quoted per running metre.

0.615 € without VAT

FiberoX 12 mm

Composite material, price is quoted per running metre.

0.856 € without VAT

FiberoX 14 mm

Composite material, price is quoted per running metre.

1.207 € without VAT

FiberoX 16 mm

Composite material, price is quoted per running metre.

1.488 € without VAT

Fiberox mesh 4mm (3mx2m)

Composite material

25.53 € without VAT

FiberoX coils and diameters

FiberoX diameters of 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm can also be supplied in 50 m or 100 m coils. Other coil lengths according to customer requirements are available as well.

10 € without VAT

Fiberox mesh 6mm (3mx2m)

Composite material

29.84 € without VAT

Fiberox mesh 8mm (3mx2m)

Composite material

38.45 € without VAT



Ready-made concrete units

Efficiency, awareness of rising costs and short construction times play an important role in the development of construction projects. For these reasons, prefabricated concrete units are becoming more and more important.

Due to its advantageous properties, the FiberoX fitting enables, for example, a significant reduction in the consumption of concrete and reinforcement. Construction components can be made leaner and lighter. This results in savings in production costs, providing customers with a good purchasing argument and a competitive advantage for manufacturers.

Building construction

Housing and working space requirements are steadily increasing as people become increasingly demanding. Aspects such as healthy living, building efficiency, aesthetics and interesting design play a decisive role in the construction of new buildings.

Man and his relationship to the built-up surroundings, the so-called building biology, are gaining in importance. FiberoX offers outstanding product features for buildings that fully meet the modern requirements for living and working spaces, both economically and in terms of design and durability.

Water and marine structures

Water and marine structures are exposed to a highly aggressive environment: polluted water, salts and chemicals that damage concrete steel. High and regular remediation costs are a consequence. FiberoX has a protective effect against chlorides and chemicals that damage the reinforcements and ultimately destroy the buildings. Expensive INOX steel reinforcements or thick concrete covers that should better protect buildings are no longer needed.

Road and rail infrastructure

The significant mobility of society causes the infrastructure to be overloaded. At the same time, the environmental burden and its impact on buildings are increasing. With the growth in traffic on roads and railways, the need for investment increases. It is necessary to constantly renew all infrastructure projects at a high cost. New projects and expanding buildings have to face the enormous pressure of increasing costs with increasing quality requirements. With the FiberoX fitting, you can reduce investment and operating costs, as well as maintenance costs.

With the FiberoX fitting, there is no need for alternative building protection, which is nowadays ensured by the use of INOX steel reinforcements or thick concrete covers. It is also possible to save on the expensive insulation of railway reinforcements.

Infrastructure and industrial buildings

Infrastructure and industrial buildings are a common but essential part of our lives. Industrial plants produce various products that allow us to live our modern lives. These buildings are partly heavily loaded due to different production methods. A corrosive environment and strong electromagnetic fields are just some of the impacting features that are becoming a challenge.

The FiberoX fitting offers specific options for solving various problems. For example, the use of expensive INOX steel reinforcements can be avoided in transformer stations and melting units. Until now these have been needed for protection against whirling currents causing the reinforcement to heat up. Car parks and petrol stations no longer need to use expensive and maintenance-intensive salt-repellent coatings.

Tunnels and underground structures

In the construction of tunnels, underground and mining constructions, there are various applications of glass fibre reinforcement. The installation of the FiberoX fitting in joint walls or drill pilots enables an easy and targeted passage for a tunnel drilling machine. At the same time, the costs of manually removing reinforcements in passages can be reduced. The rock debris can be transported on the belts as there is no risk of damage to the device from protruding metal reinforcements. Thanks to the resistance of the FiberoX fitting to aggressive elements, it can be used continuously, avoiding expensive corrosion treatment and substantially reducing repair and maintenance costs.


  BST concrete steel FiberoX fitting
Susceptibility to corrosion high does not corrode
Tensile strenngth (MPa) 500 min. 1000
Thermal conductivity {W/mK} 60 0.25
Magnetism yes no
Electric conductivity  yes no
Density {g/cm3} 7.85 2.1
E -lastic modulus (MPa) 200 000 min. 55 000


Matúš Jaremko MBA, PhD


Mgr. Pavol Pavlovič MBA

Vice President

Praveen Sonakiya

Executive Vice Prezident

Ing. Martin Pribila

Authorized Engineer for Structural Engineering

Ing. Ľubomír Guman

Head of research and development

Mgr. Daniel Hrivniak

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